Nomination Period for NCGO Steering Committee

Nomination Period for NCGO Steering Committee Will Open on November 30

Nominations for election to the North Carolina Geocachers Organization Steering Committee will be accepted from November 30, 2013 through 11:59pm, December 13, 2013.

Last year, we consolidated our regions into East, Central and West and changed to a Steering Committee (SC) rather than individually elected offices so that everyone was an equal partner. See the region map at the end of this post.

To try out this new formula, we elected SC members for a term of only 1 year last time. We are now going to change that to a 2-year term as specified in our bylaws. The term of office will be from January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2015.
Regions have been simplified into West, Central and East.

Once again, 5 Steering Committee members will be elected, 1 from each region. The 2 people with the next highest vote totals from any region will serve as at-large members of the SC. The SC will share duties and will do the bulk of the work running NCGO’s day-to-day activities. This includes setting up regional events and responding to most regional land manager and media queries while also working with the involved Board of Directors member when appropriate. However, the SC has the freedom to decide how to divide up the work and could alternate taking point on the various activities throughout their terms depending upon interest, time available and other factors.

As in past years, in order to vote, you must be a resident of North Carolina.
To run for office, you must be a resident of North Carolina and you must also have been a member of North Carolina Geocachers Organization for at least 1 year as of January 1, 2014. Nominations and elections are by region so a person must be nominated for the region in which they reside.

You can use a thread that will be posed in our forums to nominate any qualified individual, including yourself. For private nominations, send your nomination to “nomination @“. Don’t forget to indicate what region (West, Central or East) you are nominating the person for. Self-nominations are allowed and encouraged if you are interested in running for office. We ask that you NOT use Facebook to submit nominations. There are so many different Facebook groups and pages we might miss it so only use our forum or the email address above.
Take a moment to read our bylaws if you want to know more about the officer duties. Article V – Executive Committee will be most helpful – it lists the duties of each elected officer.

When someone is nominated, we will contact that person to notify him/her of the nomination. If interested in running, a nominee must let us know before the end of the nomination period so that we can add them to the ballot before the election period begins.
The election period is scheduled for December 14, 2013 through December 23, 2013.

More information on the actual election will follow but we plan to use an online survey tool as we did last year.

This is an opportunity for people who have the time and interest to help NCGO do even more for the geocaching community of North Carolina. As an added perk, you’ll be working with some great people from all over the state – we hope you’ll give it some consideration!

NCGO Region Map

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